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For example, the dependency graph topological sorting used in a package manager to handle dependencies between binary components is also used in a build manager to handle the dependency between source components.For example, many makefiles support not only building executables, but also installing them with .On Microsoft Windows systems, this is also called "DLL hell" when working with dynamically linked libraries. The Framework system from OPENSTEP was an attempt at solving this issue, by allowing multiple versions of libraries to be installed simultaneously, and for software packages to specify which version they were linked against.System administrators may install and maintain software using tools other than package management software.

The computer program can be in source code that has to be compiled and built first.

Later a package manager typically running on some other computer downloads those pre-built binary executable packages over the internet and installs them.

However, both kinds of tools have many commonalities.

In other situations, it is desirable to install packages with the default configuration and then overwrite this configuration, for instance, in headless installations to a large number of computers.

This kind of pre-configured installation is also supported by dpkg.

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